Testo Max Review

What is Testo Max?

For nearly a century the most straightforward way to rapidly boost testosterone and therefore muscle mass has been the anabolic steroid. The results are indisputable; users experience real muscle growth at a faster rate than nonusers. However, the adverse effects are indisputable as well. Users suffer mood changes, sexual side effects, and physical deformities.

Additionally, their use is highly regulated, and use outside of very specific and doctor-monitored circumstances remains illegal. Athletes in particular can be banned from sporting and bodybuilding competitions for life if they’re found doping. One has only to look to the long-running investigation into Lance Armstrong’s career to see what even the suggestion of steroid use, much less a conviction, can do to a remarkable career.

The quest for a legal and safe alternative to anabolic steroids has consumed the bodybuilding community for a long time. In Testo Max, such an alternative is finally available. Testo Max is a legal, all-natural supplement derived from the same basic ingredient as the steroid Sustanon. It is intended to provide the same benefits to users as Sustanon, without the deleterious effects of pure, injected anabolic steroids.

So What’s In It?

In a world where snake oil salesmen peddle suspect products, it’s natural to be skeptical of a supplement claiming to substitute for a powerful steroid. However, a look at the Testo testo maxMax ingredients should impress potential users.

The first thing to note is that Testo Max is an all-natural supplement. Empty, inactive fillers are not used to bulk out the pill, and a suite of natural vitamins and minerals back up the key four components of the pills.

The main four ingredients of Testo Max are 225mg of Tribulus Terrestris fruit extract, 1500mg of D Aspartic Acid, 187mg of Panax Ginseng Root, and 150mg of Fenugreek extract. Those names might not mean anything to potential users in themselves, so let’s break them down a bit for clarity.

1. Tribulus Terrestris

Also known as bullhead or devil’s weed, Tribulus Terrestris is the very same plant used in the synthesis of Sustanon. However, instead of a highly concentrated chemical, Testo Max uses the natural extract of the plant in its formula. It therefore is used to promote and support the healthy production of natural testosterone in the body. Testosterone is central to increasing muscular gains, making this ingredient of particular interest to weight lifters and stackers.

2. D Aspartic Acid

D Aspartic Acid is produced naturally by the body, but studies suggest that increasing the body’s intake through supplementation can support a healthy metabolism and promote higher testosterone levels. In essence, it acts as a booster for the effects of the Tribulus Terrestris extract.

3. Panax Ginseng Root

Ginseng has a long history of safe use in natural medicine, and while it can help with testosterone production, this isn’t its primary function here. Instead, the focus is on the way it raises the body’s levels of natural nitric oxide. This compound has a twofold effect, increasing both the health of the blood vessels and the healthy flow of blood around the body. When working out, healthy blood flow is essential to realizing safe, lasting muscle gains.

4. Fenugreek Extract

The final ingredient is another testosterone booster, but it also has an unexpected side effect. It reduces naturally occurring estrogen in the body, reducing the tendency of some builders to develop the unpleasant side effect of “man boobs.” Bigger gains and fewer side effects combine to a very useful little ingredient.

In short, Testo Max has four very powerful testosterone-boosting ingredients. While Sustanon is more potent outright, it is a brute-force approach that has many unpleasant side effects and health consequences. By using four all-natural ingredients, Testo Max gives access to the benefits without the harsh risks of pouring a pharmaceutical compound into your veins.

How Testo Max Can Help You?

The Testo Max supplement uses tribulus terrestris for a very clear reason, instead of relying on vague claims. It has a stimulating effect on the pituitary gland. The Pituitary is responsible for producing and managing important hormones in the body. In this case, the tribulus terrestris stimulates the gland and prompts it to release leuteinizing hormone. This stimulates testosterone production and boosts the metabolism, which means muscle gains are easier and fat burning comes more readily.

Possible Side Effects

Let’s be perfectly honest, side effects are possible with any substance you put into your body. Some people tolerate some compounds better than other people do. Further, certain prescription and over the counter medications can interact with any drug.

The most important side effect is in fact a drug interaction. Ginseng is known in very rare cases to cause bleeding in susceptible patients. This effect is exacerbated in the presence of blood thinning drugs such as warafin and even asprin. If you regularly take either medication, it is very important to consult with your doctor before taking Testo Max or any other ginseng supplement.

However, let us put this in context. Limited, rare side effects are possible with Testo Max. They are on the other hand guaranteed when taking anabolic steroids for any length of time. Taking Sustanon can cause sexual dysfunction, severe acne, and mood swings. These are reported in many users, and are not rare in the least. Compared to that, Testo Max is a far safer product with few potential side effects for an informed user. Again, consult with your doctor, but do not be unduly alarmed.

The Place to Buy

Testo Max should only be purchased at the company’s official website. Some unscrupulous parties may be selling through another site, but purchasing from Crazy Bulk directly ensures you are getting the product you asked for. Crazy Bulk also offers free delivery, worldwide, for anyone who purchases Testo Max.

In addition, there are frequently value-saving promotions on the Testo Max Crazy Bulk site. The current promotion as of this writing is a free bottle of Testo Max if you purchase two. Given that each bottle contains 90 pills, this is a substantial way to save some money.

The Final Word

Testo Max is an interesting, balanced supplement for those working to naturally improve their weight training and muscle building exercises. By focusing on four simple ingredients and a small but powerful suite of vitamins and minerals, Testo Max helps avoid the dreaded “expensive pee” phenomenon. Most supplements are overpacked with too many ingredients and thus end up wasting time and money. Testo Max goes for a tight, focused approach that will please many customers.

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